...and The Discriminators

The Discriminators

This page is for Chris Dufault, Dan Huget, Bojan Bugarinovich, and David Eadie, a.k.a. The Discriminators.

Thank you and your families for all you have done: I have asked so much of you, and you were always there for me.

Thanks also to Greg Stuart and Dave Mills for helping out, and a special thanks to Chris for being with me from the start.

Thanks, guys, for all the great music, and we will share the stage again, I'm sure.

Please feel free to get/stay in touch with any of these talented artists. Aside from the work ethic they put in, they are also a lot of fun to hang around with!

“ A-ha, here is a songwriter and a singer who understands
who he is and where he sits in the world. ”

Wyckham Porteous,                                  

“ The album shows that it was time to...
show himself as the musician and singer he has become. ”

— Tom Harrison

“ He takes chances though. He does this with an appreciable honesty and evident sincerity. Straight goods, likeable. ”

— Tom Harrison

If world-famous ghazal singer Jagjit Singh were to share a hookah
with Neil Young, the result would be Indo-Canadian Folk.

“ For the first time in a long while, I realized that I was literally listening to — and almost touching — the ‘soul’ of an artist. ”

— Cendrine Marrouat

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