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Semiahmoo House clients make melodic memories

Oct 6, 2016 — Peace Arch News

About 30 Semiahmoo House clients with brain injuries recently joined Ranj in a recording session at Blue Frog Studios.

Ranj has been playing music for individuals with brain injuries for the past 10 months, and after getting to know them, Ranj says he was overwhelmed with the stories they had to share. He felt it appropriate to write a song, but using their stories to form the message.

“I asked them for their thoughts and feelings and what life was like before and after their injuries. They openly shared their stories, I jotted down their notes and we came up with a song,” Singh said.

The song, titled “I'm Still Me”, gives listeners a glimpse of the stories Ranj has heard.

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The Man Cold is The Province's CD of the week!

 <em>The Man Cold</em> is The Province's <em>CD of the week</em> Tom Harrison of The Province has featured my new album as their “CD of the weekCD of the week” (on August 23rd, 2016). He had this to say:

He takes chances, though.

He does this with an appreciable honesty and evident sincerity. Straight goods, likeable.

The album shows that it was time to... show himself as the musician and singer he has become.

It's a humbling review.

Ranj was featured in an article in The Now Newspaper:

A mighty “Purple Haze”
moves a once-shy musician

Ranj rests on the hood of "Purple Haze," his beloved Honda Civic, outside Bistro 72 in Newton. Photo by Tom ZillichGuitar at his side, Ranj Singh sat there “sweating bullets” as he watched a stream of fellow musicians take to the stage, one after the other. It was yet another open-mic night and, rather than confidently showcase the songs he'd written, Singh was too nervous to perform for an audience. Once again, he'd signed up to sing and strum, but bolted for the door just before his name was called by the event host. Read more...

The following is a small sample of featured news stories that profile Ranj and his music...

 It's a style of music the Billboard charts have yet to recognize. Probably because there's few musical practitioners of Indo-folk, a style belonging to Ranj Singh. 

— Matthew Hoekstra, Richmond Review

 Ranj Singh contacted me to review the newly released debut album, “Found A Way Home,” I felt very lucky. For the first time in a long while, I realized that I was literally listening to — and almost touching — the “soul” of an artist. Canada is famous for its cultural tapestry. Here, every person is free to grow new types of trees from unique seeds. And this is exactly what Ranj Singh and The Discriminators have done with, Found A Way Home. There is something about his voice that will haunt you long after the 11 songs are over. “Found a Way Home” is a winner on many levels, an album that deserves to literally find its way into a lot of people's homes around the world. I would like to call it a great piece of modern Canadiana. 

— Cendrine Marrouat,

 Last year Ranj Singh and the Discriminators destroyed the stage at Party in the Park and this year they're playing the park once again and fans are in for a treat with tracks off their new CD "Found A Way Home". The Voice was fortunate to have a chance to hear the genius of Singh and the band doing one of their latest wonders called Come Fly Away With Me. The song is catchy and the band seems to encompass a raft of different styles melded into 7 very palatable minutes. It starts with some funky sitar reminiscent of Ravi Shankar in the 70s and then gently progresses into their unique Indo-folk-rock fusion sound which they've become so well-known for across the Lower Mainland. Singh told the Voice in an email that he is optimistic about their new CD saying it will ‘open some ears’. 

— Craig, The Valley Voice

 Ranj Singh and the Discriminators fuse Indian and Folk melodic and rhythmic forms to create a very tasty treat indeed, rendering the contemporary and traditional into a musical feast. They were a feature at our “Live @ The Reach” concert series, generating a full house and captivating the audience with great songs, stories and musicianship. We've had them back for other events and I highly recommend them to presenters! 

— Kat Wahamaa, Cultural Programs Manager,
The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford

For past news items, please check out the “news archive” page.

“ A-ha, here is a songwriter and a singer who understands
who he is and where he sits in the world. ”

Wyckham Porteous,                                  

“ The album shows that it was time to...
show himself as the musician and singer he has become. ”

— Tom Harrison

“ He takes chances though. He does this with an appreciable honesty and evident sincerity. Straight goods, likeable. ”

— Tom Harrison

If world-famous ghazal singer Jagjit Singh were to share a hookah
with Neil Young, the result would be Indo-Canadian Folk.

“ For the first time in a long while, I realized that I was literally listening to — and almost touching — the ‘soul’ of an artist. ”

— Cendrine Marrouat

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